Workflow Consultancy
Simplified Solutions specializes in digitizing and optimizing day-to-day business workflows. In layman's terms, that means helping your business take full advantage of the digital world in every applicable and beneficial way. From digitizing your inventory and procurement procedures to managing your Human Resource requirements and policy documentation in a more efficient and automated manner.

Knowledge Base and Information Management Procedures
Today every thing a business does is produced in a digital form at some point in the creation process. If that digital information isn't used in a digital form from the point of creation till the end of the process then the opportunity for automated workflow optimization and auditing is lost, and the opportunity for error is increased. Simplified Solutions can help take full advantage of your digital documents and content and reduce the risk of performing day-to-day work.

Learning Systems and Learning Management Systems
Every job requires training. Every position has some degree of a learning curve. Because of the vast knowledge requirements for many jobs it has become an expensive and trying task to properly train and teach new comers. Simplified Solutions aims to help eliminate the learning curve for much of the work process regardless of whether that role in a technical one or as simple as temporary office work. With automative learning systems and LMSs your business can drastically boost the output of someone filling a new role.